[maemo-developers] State of Jalimo

From: Sebastian Mancke asteban at gmx.de
Date: Wed Nov 14 17:16:12 EET 2007

I have just uploaded SWT 3.4 packages to the Jalimo [1] maemo3
repository, so I thought, it was time to give you a short update you
about our progress.

- The current stack for Os2007 is very stable.
We have a well performing robust cacaojvm and and gnu classpath, which
implements mostly all of Java 1.5, a normal application developer want's
to see.

- We have a complete toolchain (static x86 cacao, ecj, javah, javap) for
usage within scratchbox. [2]

- With the mvn-pkg-plugin [3] we provide a maven plugin which is able to
build .deb and .ipk packages from normal java maven plugins.

- We have SWT 3.4 [4] working, together with a small hildonizing mainly
to get the SWT menu Bar attached as Hildon menu. SWT uses the native gtk
peers and works very well!!!

- We are still supporting java-gnome, which makes a good progress in the
upstream [5]

- For It2008 we have an OpenEmbedded configuration in our SVN, which
produces binary compatible packages, so for the next Releases we can use
OpenEmbedded as build system.


[1] http://www.jalimo.org
[3] http://evolvis.org/projects/mvn-pkg-plugin/
[4] http://www.eclipse.org/swt/
[5] http://java-gnome.sourceforge.net/

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