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From: Darius Jack dariusjack2006 at yahoo.ie
Date: Wed Nov 14 18:28:20 EET 2007
Hi Sarah,

you are right but it's to late to go back to Usenet groups discussion times,
as traffic has been forwarded to www board forums both commercial or non-for-profit sponsored by ads.
I can open another 10 projects but what counts is a smart coder who can make  project a fully working application.
Developers don't show interest to have third party assistants as this is developer not project manager who can introduce an application to a market and make some profit.
If you are interested to start some projects, the only way is to have paid coders from - hire a coder - www boards.
Any good job should be paid.
So third party discussions on ongoing projects have no sense.
What makes sense is to donate and support best developers.


Sarah Newman <newmans at sonic.net> wrote: Maybe you don't all want to work on the same project.   Or maybe you 
want to discuss projects before declaring one on garage.

We can't list interests on our profile.  And can we actually start new 
mailing lists?

If there is a way to use garage in the way I'm talking about, and there 
could be, I haven't found it yet.

Martin Grimme wrote:
> Hi,
> isn't this exactly what garage.maemo.org is all about?
> There you can have projects, mailing lists, share code, look for other
> developers, etc.
> Cheers,
> Martin

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