[maemo-developers] Repositories mess: conclusions and actions

From: Ed Bartosh Eduard.Bartosh at nokia.com
Date: Thu Nov 15 10:54:54 EET 2007
On Thu, 2007-11-15 at 07:42, Quim Gil wrote:
> On Mon, 2007-11-12 at 14:05 +0200, ext Ed Bartosh wrote:
> > I agree with that, but not 100%. We shouldn't wait for Nokia, we can
> > start checking packages from extras-devel for upgradeability. If we
> > manage to do that with our packages only it would help a lot to improve
> > the whole situation with upgrades.
> One decision to be made (it looks like the sooner = the better) is to
> close direct access to extras while opening and promoting extras-devel
> as easy entry point.
> Otherwise we may risk trying to convince app developers in extras to
> push out their releases if they don't qualify (although specially at the
> beginning I would be as soft/hard as until now).

I think we should wait for step 2 of Misha's plan to be done first.
Without promotion interface there is no way to promote packages from extras-devel to extras.

Best regards,

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