[maemo-developers] Check if application is run

From: Michael Stepanov michael at stepanoff.org
Date: Thu Nov 15 12:13:17 EET 2007
On 11/15/07, Eero Tamminen <eero.tamminen at nokia.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> ext Michael Stepanov wrote:
> > Thanks for your suggestions. IMHO the most appropriate way (but probably
> not
> > easiest) is to use DBUS functionality as Mika Yrjölä described. What do
> you
> > think?
> It depends from whether you're going to use D-BUS for anything else than
> launching the application (do you need to listen to system events for
> example like all the pre-installed applications) and how much you care
> about user not running multiple instances of the application at the same
> time (accidentally).

For sure, it should be only one copy the wrapper and SDL application  run at
the same time. And I don't need any DBUS events except to know that the SDL
application crashes.

Some SDL programs for example don't use D-BUS (games might have
> a Gtk/Hildon UI wrapper for them using D-BUS though).

In my case I have similar situation. My SDL application doesn't use DBUS. It
isn't even initialize according to maemo conception (I think it's a good
point to add it). But the wrapper uses Gtk/Hildon UI.

        - Eero

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