[maemo-developers] Install failure of maemo-sdk-install_4.0.sh

From: Neil Jerram neil at ossau.uklinux.net
Date: Thu Nov 15 22:41:09 EET 2007
Micke <dronten at gmail.com> writes:

> Err http://repository.maemo.org chinook Release.gpg
>   Temporary failure resolving 'repository.maemo.org'
> Failed to fetch http://repository.maemo.org/dists/chinook/Release.gpg
> Temporary failure resolving 'repository.maemo.org'

As it says, this is probably just a temporary outage.  Is it still
happening if you try again now?

If it is, there may be an IP routing problem on your PC.  Are you able
to ping repository.maemo.org?


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