[maemo-developers] Mamona 0.1 Released

From: Rodrigo Vivi rodrigo.vivi at gmail.com
Date: Fri Nov 16 02:32:02 EET 2007
This new release is available from:

What's it?
Mamona is an embedded Linux distribution for ARM EABI. The main goal
of Mamona Project is to offer a completely open source
alternative/experimental SDK package and flash image generation
process for the Maemo Platform using only free and open source

You can run the Mamona linux distribution 0.1 on your Nokia Internet
Tablet (N800 or N810) or use it as a SDK in your PC running emulated
over qemu.

Current Features
In this first release we have:

    * Glibc - 2.5
    * Gcc - 4.1.2
    * Full Python 2.5 support
    * Enlightenment Window Manager
    * USB Networking - As mainly input method.
    * Bluetooth support
    * Wireless - Open and WEP support only
    * Noemu Packages
    * ARM EABI Version 5 and QEMU (user mode emulation) 0.9.0 for Mamona SDK

You can check for other features under Mamona 0.1 - Package List:

You can run it on:

    * Nokia N800
    * Nokia N810

What's planned?
Next release is planned to have:

    * Mamona SDK for Maemo (Chinook Compatible)
    * Full ARM EABI Version 6 support
    * Wireless with WPA Support
    * Usefull virtual keyboard and more applications for E-wm

Thanks to everybody who helped making this release possible.

Bug reports, as always, should go to Mamona's Trac; check out
http://dev.openbossa.org/trac/mamona/wiki/Contributing#Bugs for links
to posting and querying bug
reports for Mamona.

Official announcement: http://dev.openbossa.org/trac/mamona/wiki/ReleaseNotes0.1


Rodrigo Vivi
INdT - Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia
Blog: http://blog.vivi.eng.br
GPG: 0x905BE242 @ wwwkeys.pgp.net

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