[maemo-developers] kernel compilation help

From: Bryan Kate bkate at fas.harvard.edu
Date: Fri Nov 16 16:33:23 EET 2007
Is there a way to upgrade my N800 to OS 2008? Otherwise I am still using bora.

- Bryan

Terje Bergström wrote:
> On 11/16/07, *Bryan Kate* <bkate at fas.harvard.edu 
> <mailto:bkate at fas.harvard.edu>> wrote:
>     I am new to the maemo, but I have had some success compiling
>     applications in scratchbox. I am looking to recompile the kernel,
>     but when I run make I get an error. There is not much clear
>     information on the net for what might be causing the problem (other
>     than some sort of binary incompatibility of my installed tools). I
>     appreciate any help and apologize if this is a repeat inquiry. 
> Hi,
> I just published a new version of the kernel guide. Please follow its 
> instructions.
> http://maemo.org/development/documentation/how-tos/4-x/kernel_guide_for_maemo.html 
> <http://maemo.org/development/documentation/how-tos/4-x/kernel_guide_for_maemo.html>
> Best regards,
> Terje

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