[maemo-developers] creating autogen.sh etc

From: Tripti Gupta itstripti at yahoo.com
Date: Fri Nov 16 18:37:50 EET 2007
I have had problems creating a .deb package.. One thing:
 does anyone has a pointer where i can learn how to create autogen.sh,  makefile.am etc.. I have been just working around modifying the existing ones...!

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Subject: Re: Failed creating my first .deb package of a Python library for Chinook using Scratchbox


> complain when it gets given an instruction that is not supported. As
> build process relies upon python during it's operation, it uses the
 python that
> is built for the target you're using (ARMEL) which in turn makes qemu

the problem is that I cannot install that library even if I use the
python way. For example:

[sbox-CHINOOK_ARMEL: ~/flickrapi-0.15] > python2.5 setup.py install

gives me that long list of these errors:

sem_post: Function not implemented
sem_post: Function not implemented
sem_post: Function not implemented

>   It is possible to work around this problem by compiling python for
> target, the HOST target is the machine you're using for scratchbox
> Firstly you need to create this target by installing the
 host-toolchain package
> (making sure you have build-essentials installed on your host

I've build essentials on my Ubuntu machine (is the OS I use). Bur I
cannot find the "host-toolchain" package anywhere :(
Where can I find it?

> The commands to create the HOST scratchbox target are:
>   sb-conf setup HOST --compiler host-gcc

it says:

[sbox-CHINOOK_X86: ~] > sb-conf setup HOST --compiler host-gcc
sb-conf: No such compiler: host-gcc

>   Once you've created and selected this target you must then build
 python and
> install it somewhere that wont change as you change to other targets,
 basicallyinstall it into your scratchbox home directory.

how can I do this thing?

>   Now you've setup a host native python, you need to use that python
 and not
> the python package built for the devices (ARMEL) so either remove
 that and

but I cannot build the ARMEL version :(

>   This post is a bit rough and I'll probably document it a bit better
 in the
> future as a blog entry or something similar. Hope it helps.

I hope you can give me further information, because I'm missing a lot
of things ;)


Andrea Grandi
email: a.grandi at gmail.com
website: http://www.ptlug.org
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