[maemo-developers] Error building libxslt for chinook beta

From: Juha Kallioinen juha.kallioinen at nokia.com
Date: Fri Nov 16 19:03:49 EET 2007
ext Eduardo Lima (Etrunko) wrote:
> Ok, digging a bit more, I found this is not a problem with scratchbox,
> since I can build this package successfully using the same sbox
> installation in the bora (3.2) target. Sometime ago, I uploaded the
> libxslt bora packages to the extras repository, building it based on
> debian stable.
> Looking at chinook libxslt packages I noticed that libgcrypt11
> dependency was removed and the package is no longer present in the SDK
> repository. So I built and intalled the libgcrypt11 based on bora
> package and magically the libxslt package now build fine.
> There must be a reason for not including the libgcrypt package int the
> SDK repository, but since we are unable to build another package that
> would depend on it, IMHO this decision should be reviewed.


libgcrypt is not needed by any official maemo application or even by any of 
the sdk tools, so it does not have a place in the SDK. If your application 
needs to use it, you should also port libgcrypt to maemo and upload it to a 
repository (preferably to Chinook extras) so that it's available for 
everyone else too.

As a side note, your application should not depend on any library that can 
only be found in the SDK repository so that a non-developer would not need 
to add the SDK repository to their device.

The Chinook SDK is by no means a complete linux distro, which would have 
every library out there available. Hopefully the community can support 
itself by making this kind of stuff available (preferably) through the 
chinook extras repository.


Juha Kallioinen                                               JID: kaltsi at ok

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