[maemo-developers] Failed creating my first .deb package of a Python library for Chinook using Scratchbox

From: Marcelo Lira setanta at gmail.com
Date: Fri Nov 16 21:03:58 EET 2007
Hi Andrea,

there is a patched version of qemu-arm[1] maintained by Lauro Venâncio, I
installed it on my scratchbox and a lot of warnings like yours have
disappeared. I even tried to install the flickr library, but didn't succeed
for the lack of distutils.core package, but this is another problem. I at
least have entered the flickrapi directory, started python2.5 and
successfully imported all but one file (tokencache.py).

So, here goes the procedure to install the patched qemu, These are to be
performed on the host machine, outside scratchbox, and it will be better to
be logged out from it. Thanks to Lauro for the tips.

1. You need gcc 3.4
sudo apt-get install gcc-3.4

2. Get the patched qemu-arm. Notice that the patches are already applied,
everything is here, and you don't need to get the qemu sources.

svn co https://qemu-arm-eabi.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/qemu-arm-eabiqemu-arm-eabi
cd qemu-arm-eabi
./configure --target-list=arm-linux-user --static

3. Copy qemu to the cputransp dir on scratchbox
sudo cp arm-linux-user/qemu-arm

4. Add it to the list of cputransp methods. Open the file
sudo vim /scratchbox/devkits/cputransp/etc/cputransp-methods

and add this line:


5. Configure the target to use the patched qemu as transparency method. Edit
the file:
vim /scratchbox/users/USERNAME/targets/SDK_BETA_ARMEL.config

and change this line:


And this is it. Enter scratchbox and start python (i'm using 2.5, from
extras repository). With the regular qemu just starting it will cause a lot
of warning messages to appear, but with the qemu-arm-eabi everything should
went smoothly.

[1] http://sourceforge.net/projects/qemu-arm-eabi/

Marcelo Lira dos Santos
@CInLUG: http://www.cin.ufpe.br/~cinlug
@Ciência Livre: http://www.ciencialivre.pro.br
@INdT: http://www.indt.org.br
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