[maemo-developers] New developer - lots of questions

From: Graham Cobb g+770 at cobb.uk.net
Date: Sat Nov 17 00:53:40 EET 2007
On Friday 16 November 2007 20:11:33 maemo at bitblit.net wrote:
> On Fri, 16 Nov 2007, Igor Stoppa wrote:
> > , maybe you can do like me and use
> > a chrooted environment for each sdk (i use it because I have a full
> > 64bit system, but scratchbox is only 32 bit). I prefer this solution
> > since it makes it quite easy to experiment: install your chrooted
> > system, make a copy of it and feel free to trash it after experimenting.
> My development is also pure 64bit :-)
> So, do you install a 32bit distro + scratchbox inside the chroot or just
> scratchbox? I already have a 32bit chroot installed already (mainly to run
> 32bit plugins and codecs).

If you already have a 32-bit chroot you could use that.  Or you can create 
another one just for maemo builds: the advantage is that you can keep a 
separate one for each SDK version.  In any case, start off by installing a 
32-bit distro into the chroot.  Here are my notes of the remaining steps I 
did to install the chinook SDK (note that my chroot was in a directory 
called "dbtest"):

    * mount proc -t proc dbtest/proc
    * chroot dbtest/

Remaining commands are within the chroot...

    * apt-get install python
    * cd /root
    * wget http://tablets-dev.nokia.com/4.0/maemo-scratchbox-install_4.0.sh
    * chmod +x maemo-scratchbox-install_4.0.sh
    * ./maemo-scratchbox-install_4.0.sh
    * adduser scratchbox 
    * su - scratchbox

The remaining commands are run as the scratchbox user (within the chroot)...

    * wget http://tablets-dev.nokia.com/4.0/maemo-sdk-install_4.0.sh
    * sh maemo-sdk-install_4.0.sh -d
    * /scratchbox/login

> > The gotcha is that I have to do all the bindmounting that scratchbox
> > would do from the outside. Apparently doing a double bindmount from
> > chroot to sbox of a /dev or /proc directory doesn't work and at the
> > second step you end up with an empty directory.
> Could you explain this a bit more?

See my other email to see how I get scratchbox to run in the chroot.


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