[maemo-developers] telepathy and chinook

From: Luca Ognibene luca.ognibene at gmail.com
Date: Sat Nov 17 16:19:32 EET 2007
hi! I'm trying to understand if it's possible to add some telepathy
connection managers to chinook. I've started with telepathy-idle (irc

1 - download and compiled fine in SDK_ARMEL
2 - copy all to n800 with OS2008 (is there a way to test in the sdk?)
    - bin file, manager file, service file
3 - copy the profile file from empathy-common package.

Now, my first problem.. it seems that account creation in maemo is
handled by the "accounts" framework (libaccounts,

 - account creation dialog doesn't see my new irc connection manager
 - i can't create a osso-accounts-plugin-irc as there's no (devel)
packages on sdk..
 - i'v tried to add manually a account to gconf but i don't see it
anywhere on n800 gui...

so.. is it really possible right now to add a connection manager to
chinook? If i'm doing something wrong can someone point me to
documentation? (maemo.org is very slow today so i'm not able to browse

btw, i don't want to see replies like "nokia sucks because foo package
is proprietary" or similar.. thanks!


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