[maemo-developers] SPIM (MIPS assembly emulator) ported to Chinook: could someone test it?

From: Andrea Grandi a.grandi at gmail.com
Date: Sun Nov 18 22:34:00 EET 2007

> Uunfortunately, I could not create a binary package out of the source
> package (in other words, the file you mentioned above + .dsc + .diff.gz)
> as certain build dependencies are not available:

I'm building it from inside the Chinook SDK, using the ARMEL target.
You have to do these things:

1) unpack the sources (tar xfvz.......)

2) mv spim spim-7.3 (since dh_make needs this directory name)

3) cd spim-7.3

4) dk_make -e youremail at yourisp.com

5) dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot

now try ti install the package.... it should build on your SDK too...

N.B: please note that you should not try to build xspim, because you
don't have all the libs you need.

>   [sbox-maemo4: ~/spim/spim-7.3] > dpkg-checkbuilddeps
>   : Using Scratchbox tools to satisfy builddeps
>   : Dependency provided by Scratchbox: bison
>   dpkg-checkbuilddeps: Unmet build dependencies: flex xutils libxt-dev x-dev libxaw7-dev

I get this:

[sbox-CHINOOK_ARMEL: ~/spim-7.3/spim-7.3] > dpkg-checkbuilddeps
: Using Scratchbox tools to satisfy builddeps
[sbox-CHINOOK_ARMEL: ~/spim-7.3/spim-7.3] >

please let me know, thanks :)

Best regards,

Andrea Grandi
email: a.grandi at gmail.com
website: http://www.ptlug.org

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