[maemo-developers] TI frees its DSP toolchain for open source apps (?) - linuxdevices

From: Simon Pickering S.G.Pickering at bath.ac.uk
Date: Mon Nov 19 12:40:33 EET 2007
>> FYI: Just found this news from TI about freeing the DSP toolchain to open
>> source developers,
>> http://www.linuxdevices.com/news/NS4338556106.html
>> http://open.neurostechnology.com/node/1020

I'm not all together sure how this (the Google SoC project) differs 
from the dspgateway, except perhaps for the choice of DSP. Why have yet 
another way of bridging between ARM and DSP?

>> Could someone (with more technical expertise then me) comment on this?
> Please refer my post at linux-omap mailing list.
> http://linux.omap.com/pipermail/linux-omap-open-source/2007-November/012049.html

This is interesting, mainly for the dspfs and the request for more 
access to the IVA. Thanks for the link.

> I think neuros link mentions some G-SoC project which should have been
> merged with
> dspgateway driver developed mostly by Nokia for OMAP1/2, this way we

Certainly it ought to have been, or am I missing something - was it merged?

> are bringing
> support for lot's of DM series of boards and setting a playground for
> DaVinci related processors
> dspgateway support.

I had a look at the DaVinci processor information available from Ti and 
it seems they don't really want to give much away (probably because 
this is their current main model line or something like that).

We do already have a Linux Ti toolchain (
https://www-a.ti.com/downloads/sds_support/targetcontent/LinuxDspTools/index.html) which is for the C55x only (i.e. is useful to us). I'm not sure the release of another (similar afaict) toolchain for the C54x will make any odds to us (except perhaps that Ti are embracing open source developers 


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