[maemo-developers] Confused about Application Catalog

From: Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Tue Nov 20 15:11:38 EET 2007

On Mon, 2007-11-19 at 17:04 -0800, ext Mike Morrison wrote:
> > This seems a retrograde step as it is useful to just have one page for
> > comments, one page to update if the app moves, etc.  Was it announced here
> > and I missed it?

Not announced, nor secret either. I have tried to summarize the reason
why we are offering different catalogs per OS at
https://bugs.maemo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2121 . In brief, we think the
move is appropriate even if there are some details to polish and make
life easier to developers and end users. Please let's continue there so
we can get into details and actions.

> I have noticed quite a few issues with the new site as well. I was
> going to wait for an official announcement before I started filing
> bugs but maybe there isn't going to be one?

I'm trying to write this official announcement since the new Downloads
site was released but for some reason there is something else happening
everyday. Please file bugs, some people have already done it and we are
answering relatively fast there.

> So, will there be something sent out or put up in the documentation
> that explains the workings of this new site? Some questions off the
> top of my head are:

We have tried to make a system simple enough not to need

> What is a pearl? How does it get there?

A pearl is an application we decide to feature and promote for a while.
No strong rule, no mathematical principles. Just editorial and
subjective selection. See also

> Why does it say "10 votes" for an application, but I only see 4?
> Why do some comments have a blank name?

Can you post URLs so we can look at them?

> Can you leave a comment for an application without voting for it?

mmmm apparently not at the moment.

Quim Gil - http://maemo.org

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