[maemo-developers] RSS Feed Reader not displaying Arabic properly after installing the Arabic Fonts

From: Al Khadra tyros99 at yahoo.com
Date: Tue Nov 20 17:59:06 EET 2007

I have a Nokia N800 with OS 2007 and firmware 4.2007.26-8.

Before installing the Arabic font package for microb, the arabic web
sites used to display small boxes with Hex values.
After installing the Arabic font package I was able to see arabic web
sites properly in microb browser. The problem is with the RSS Feed
Reader. After installing the arabic fonts it began to show arabic, but
the letters were not connected (each word in arabic must have its
letters connected). To see how it looks like, please check the
screenshot at the following link:


What I noticed is that the RSS Feed Reader is using the Opera engine
and that's why it's not displaying arabic properly.
This issue can be fixed if you include an option in the RSS Reader's
menu to "Set Engine", just as you did with the Web browser. If the RSS
Reader's engine is set to microb I believe the issue will be resolved.

Thank you,

Ali Khadra

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