[maemo-developers] [release] GPE-Sudoku v0.2

From: Luca De Cicco ldecicco at gmail.com
Date: Wed Nov 21 16:50:50 EET 2007
I'm glad to announce a very late new release of gpe-sudoku, the
popular Japanese "math" game. The code was left alone for a very long
period, I have to thank Florian Boor for softly pushing me to include a
patch he authored a long time ago. In these days I applied his
patch (which mainly concerns a better GPE support) and added the
following features:

1) Support for Maemo Chinook (tested on os2008)
2) Fixed cells generated via "generate puzzle" are now colored in red
3) gpe-sudoku asks for confirmation when trying to overwrite a
modified worksheet or when quitting.

I would like to hear comments/insults/flames from new and old
gpe-sudoku users.

I just have a question: what icon would you use for the "Guess" toggle


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