[maemo-developers] Chinook: no .deb for some packages in the repository (only .tar.gz)

From: Nicolas nicolasfr at gmail.com
Date: Thu Nov 22 23:59:57 EET 2007

I am starting development with maemo Chinook SDK and made some tests this

I wanted to install osso-xterm but noticed that on the repository there is
no .deb package, only sources in .tar.gz.
See for example: http://repository.maemo.org/pool/chinook/free/o/osso-xterm/

I tried to do the apt-get build-dep osso-xterm but it does not build the
depencies automatically. So I downloaded some dependencies manually and
noticed that many stuff under osso* dirs have no .deb package. libvte (under
vte dir) is another package without .deb which comes to my mind.
Is there any reason for this?

I searched the lists archives but without luck...


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