From: Markku Vire markku.vire at movial.fi
Date: Fri Nov 23 16:02:45 EET 2007

Maemo version of GtkTreeView doesn't send "row-activated" signal when
the model used is hierarchial :(

It looks like the upcoming Maemo 4.0 has fixed this (changed back to
normal gtk behaviour). If you need to get this working with older
versions of maemo, try using "force-list-kludge" ;)


Minti Maemo wrote:
> Hi
> in my hildon application window, I am using treeview  and attaching "row-activated" signal to it 
> if my store  is list_store  then this signal is able to connect and calling respective callback function 
> but  if store   is tree_store it is not able to connect (not able to call callback function)
> same  code is running on linux without  any bug!!!! (means tree_store is able to call its  "row-activated"callback function)
> How it is possible ?why  it is happening? is there difference behavior  of treeview  (or treestore)  on maemo ?
> How can i connect this same signal to treeview for  tree_store  ? 
> Note: same code is working on linux

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