[maemo-developers] boston-area hack meetup

From: Owen Williams owen-maemo at ywwg.com
Date: Sat Nov 24 01:44:29 EET 2007
A few of my friends and I are all developing for the maemo platform, and
we're planning a little hackfest after thanksgiving so we can help
eachother out.  Our areas of interest include python development,
gstreamer, and mozilla (microb).  

We're all experienced coders, but we're not too familiar with coding for
maemo.  We're looking for other people who are either 1) experienced
maemo hackers who want to kick back in a ball pit and help us out, or 2)
other new-to-maemo hackers who want to figure out the platform with us.

If you live in the Boston / Cambridge / Somerville area and are
interested, feel free to give me a poke off-list and we'll let you know
where and when we plan to meet.

Owen Williams

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