[maemo-developers] web based local application GUIs

From: Igor Stoppa igor.stoppa at nokia.com
Date: Mon Nov 26 22:53:28 EET 2007
On Mon, 2007-11-26 at 15:31 -0500, ext Jesse Guardiani wrote:
> Let's please try to avoid stop energy in this thread.
> http://www.userland.com/whatIsStopEnergy 

Nice link. But I don't think it applies here. I _did_ propose an
Of course you are free to ignore it, but your energy would be better
spent if directed toward something useful.

I'm just trying to help you avoid ending up in a Canola-like situation
where, after you have delivered your nice application, somebody
complains that the battery lasts nothing, we check what could be and
then we find out that it's Canola sucking current all the time.

> On demand sounds great in theory, but let's think about it for a
> second: 
> How do you start on-demand a web app? (HTTPD daemon)
> How do you play the next track when the current track finishes
> playing? (Kagu daemon, or FastCGI Kagu daemon + HTTPD daemon)

Yes, that's the intrinsic problem of using an http-based approach.
You rely on the http daemon being nice.

> Kagu is used very similar to a daemon. It runs as long as you're
> playing music. And if that's all you use an n800 for then it's always
> running. It might even be in the background if you're taking notes or
> browsing the web. The difference is that it has a GUI right now. I'd
> like to make that portion optional to save some memory/CPU when you
> aren't using it. I'd also like to make startup time faster, and I'd
> like to make a web frontend for it. 

Then you have to make sure that it will have 0% CPU residency, otherwise
you'll be stealing playback time from your use-case.
And you'll be taking memory no matter what, but hopefully not too much.

Also, if you choose this approach, it is worth mentioning it in the
release notes of your application, so that users don't get the false
impression that your sw is harmless to battery life.

> No, I don't mean an always on daemon. I mean an on-demand daemon. A
> background process that runs when you need it and doesn't when you
> don't.

I'm not a userland guy, but for what i remember, dbus should be able to
start for you services that are not running, and dbus is _already_
running all the time.

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Cheers, Igor

Igor Stoppa <igor.stoppa at nokia.com>
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