[maemo-developers] N800/OS2008 dpkg --force-all not really forcing

From: william maddler news at maddler.net
Date: Mon Nov 26 23:21:09 EET 2007
Hi all, quick question.
Just rebuilt net-tools package (I need "real" netstat, and also default
one is not actually working bug #2389).
When I try to install the new deb, using --force-all (to override
Busybox) i get the following message:

Nokia-N800-44-4:~# dpkg -i --force-all net-tools_1.60-17_armel.deb
dpkg: regarding net-tools_1.60-17_armel.deb containing net-tools:
 busybox conflicts with net-tools
  net-tools (version 1.60-17) is to be installed.
dpkg: warning - ignoring conflict, may proceed anyway !
(Reading database ... 15405 files and directories currently installed.)
Preparing to replace net-tools 1.60-17 (using
net-tools_1.60-17_armel.deb) ...
Unpacking replacement net-tools ...
Replaced by files in installed package busybox ...
Setting up net-tools (1.60-17) ...

and original links are restored. Is there any way to avoid this? Any clue?

Thank you.

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