[maemo-developers] web based local application GUIs

From: Austin Che maemo at austinche.name
Date: Mon Nov 26 23:43:30 EET 2007
> I've decided that I'd really like to separate the frontend code from the
> backend code so we can have multiple frontends (pygame, gtk, etk, cli, WWW,
> etc).
> This would mean that the Kagu backend process would be a daemon (aka a
> service, depending on your education environment).
> And the frontends would communicate with the backend process somehow. I see
> a few possibilities here:
> 1.) Rpc (aka web services)
> 2.) Dbus
> 3.) Direct SQLite DB interaction

    I think this is a great idea. I personally use mpd just for this
    reason. In fact, why not just use the mpd protocol over net
    sockets? You'd immediately get a ridiculously large number of
    front-end clients and it would work over the net:

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