[maemo-developers] Is it possible to make a "well-behaved" pyGame app with maemo-python ?

From: Levi Bard taktaktaktaktaktaktaktaktaktak at gmail.com
Date: Tue Nov 27 15:04:53 EET 2007
> By "well-behaved" I mean an app which appears as an icon in the taskbar
> like a proper Hildon app.
> I have copied and modified .desktop and .service files of such apps made
> with PyGTK, but pyGame seems different. If the .desktop doesn't
> reference an osso service, the app starts from the menu, but there is no
> icon in the taskbar (and no "xx is starting" during launch). If it does,
> the  "xx is starting" message appears for some time, but the app never
> starts.
> Is it possible to get this right ? If so, is there a Howto somewhere ?

Yes, it's indeed possible.  Kagu ( http://www.kagumedia.com ) is a
pygame app; you might want to check it out.
I suspect http://maemo.org/community/wiki/gamedevelopment/#7179b7084dd3339e008879a088142aae
may also be helpful.

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