[maemo-developers] Looking for npapi microb-engine header files

From: Jean-Sébastien Légaré jslegare at gmail.com
Date: Wed Nov 28 10:33:48 EET 2007

I would like to port an existing mozilla plugin to the microb browser
on the N800 running the latest OS2007. The whitepaper on the
microb-engine available at browser.garage.maemo.org doesn't say much
about their implementation of NPAPI and NPRuntime.

Where could I get the set of header files, specific to the
microb-engine on the n800 that I need to include in my plugin code? I
am referring to the header files that we normally find in the
gecko-sdk, such as npapi.h and npupp.h.

Also, once I manage to compile the plugin as a shared object, how can
I register it in the browser ? e.g. Can I install it with xpi from the
browser? Can I place it in user's home directory under
.mozilla/plugins/ or something similar ?

Thank you very much,

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