[maemo-developers] web based local application GUIs

From: Allan Doyle afdoyle at MIT.EDU
Date: Wed Nov 28 20:42:57 EET 2007
On Nov 27, 2007, at 23:12 , Jesse Guardiani wrote:

> On 11/27/07, Allan Doyle <afdoyle at mit.edu> wrote:
> One of our original ideas for the MWOW project (http://museum.mit.edu/mwow 
> ) was to have the local web app talk to a local web proxy which then  
> adds location info to the HTTP request and sends the request to a  
> remote server. That way you can use the on-board linux tools to  
> query a GPS, use wifi location, bluetooth beacons, etc.
> What are you using for a "local web app"? Anything I can play with?  
> Using a proxy is pretty hard core. I probably would have been lazy  
> and just used an iframe.

We actually didn't go the proxy route for the first system because we  
had problems simultaneously using the WiFi radios for location  
detection and web access.

You can find our somewhat stale code here:

I've adapted the code to run on the 800 but have not done much else. I  
need to get back into some serious coding... I think microb is the way  
to go for my next go at this.


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Allan Doyle
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