[maemo-developers] About the upcoming maemo user karma

From: Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Thu Nov 29 13:06:32 EET 2007

> >Having same e-mail account everywhere is not very nice. Please 
> >consider allowing more of them.

Yes, we want to implement this:

Karma system should allow more e-mail addresses

We still don't know how difficult this is and when it will be done,
though. I guess it depends on the implementation and how reliable you
want to make it (from adding email addresses without further checking to
a way to claim them properly in a way that can be effectively identified
to your profile.

Henri is handling this.

> And then, I am
> getting
> thumbs down on planet.maemo always when I post something which is not
> directly related to the current products (being 770, N800, N810) 
> (which I presume reduces the karma?) or is too deeply related to e.g.
> programming.

For what I see people bury items not related to maemo, which is fair.
Posts exclusively about devices many times get zero input, sometimes
even buries if they are too commercial - which is also understandable. I
disagree that posts deeply related to programming get buries, now I
remember Dominic, Xan, INdT guys and others writing about hardcore stuff
and actually getting right to the top news. But they were posting about
programming languages and components with a clear link to the maemo

People burying posts give negative karma to the authors, yes. As getting
hearts gives positive karma. Makes sense.

If you bother about this I would recommend you to have a category or
section for maemo stuff and aggregate that one to the planet. If you
don't bother, then don't bother.  :)

Quim Gil - http://maemo.org

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