[maemo-developers] Porting Gtk apps to maemo: howto change default font size

From: Nicolas nicolasfr at gmail.com
Date: Fri Nov 30 14:43:08 EET 2007
Thanks for the tip Florian about using the <small> markup, it will be
usefull for me.

Regarding gFTP I have choosed to reduce the font size globally in order to
keep everything on one screen. I have searched how to apply a different
style to all the widgets (eg: use osso-SmallFont instead of osso-SystemFont)
but failed. So the method I used is to call:
gtk_rc_parse_string("style 'osso-SystemFont' { font_name = 'Nokia Sans
11.625' }");

I think the soft remains very useable with a stylus (but forget about using
the finger). But of course I'll consider users feedbacks.

Here is a screenshot:

I have posted a message regarding having access to one of the maemo extra
repositories in order to upload the packages (I don't want to open yet
another repository).


On Nov 30, 2007 12:58 PM, Florian Boor <florian.boor at kernelconcepts.de>

> Hi,
> Nicolas schrieb:
> > I have compiled gFTP which is a Gtk FTP client, but the UI interface has
> > many things to display, and the default font size is too big to be
> > usable. Same problem with PcManFM which is a lightweight Gtk
> filemanager.
> >
> > Question: is there an easy way to customize font size for specific
> > applications? (I saw the gtkrc file, but I don't want to mess with the
> > whole system theme). Or should I patch the Gtk code to change the font
> > size inside the application (I have no experience with Gtk, but I guess
> > this should be fairly easy)?
> that's a quite common problem but reducing the font size is not really
> what you
> want to do in most cases. Just keep in mind that these user interfaces
> were
> designed for devices with much bigger screens. The high screen resolution
> of the
>  tablets of course make it possible to reduce the font size, but that's
> not
> necessarily good for usability.
> You should take a look at the user interface implementation and check what
> you
> can do to reduce the amount of space you need. (Make it simpler, reduce
> the
> amount of displayed information...)  If there are areas where it really
> makes
> sense to reduce the font size you can use a markup switch (<small>) to
> make it
> smaller then the default size.
> Greetings
> Florian
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