[maemo-developers] Is it possible to make a "well-behaved" pyGame app with maemo-python ?

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Fri Nov 30 16:59:10 EET 2007

ext Fred Pacquier wrote:
> Thomas D. Waelti wrote :
>>> However, I have been unable to adapt the mClock example for the
>>> service file successfully. As soon as I reference the X-Osso-
>>> Service value in the desktop file, I get a lengthy "Loading..."
>>> banner and nothing else, even though I call osso.Context() early in
>>> my code. I must be missing something still...
>> Does the service really load your app?
>> Try to launch the application manually from xterm using the same
>> command that you wrote into the service file.
>> Does it come up then?
> Yes, it's exactly the same line as in the .desktop file, and it does 
> load the app by itself.

The full chain is something like this:
[TaskNavigator] --TN .desktop--> [D-BUS] --D-BUS .service--> Exec app

So you've now verified that Exec part works, whether it's in
.desktop or .service file.  What about the service name,
Does the service name in .desktop match the .service file?

I don't really know D-BUS, but when looking at the maemoblocks
stuff on the device:


[D-BUS Service]
Exec=/usr/bin/maemoblocks_startup /usr/share/maemoblocks/maemoblocks.conf

Whereas with stuff having com.nokia. prefix:

[D-BUS Service]

Doesn't seem to require the service pathname.

 > This is all very frustrating. I think it's bad for the app portfolio
 > of the tablet, and its users in general, when amateur programmers like
 > me have to spend hours after their program is finished, just to
 > understand how to put its icon in a menu and actually get it launched
 > from there...
 > all because of an arcane and somewhat under-documented packaging
 > system that's only really grokable if you have a good experience
 > of Linux and Gnome beforehand.

Could you file a bug about that to Desktop and put me on CC:
   When TaskNavigator, or D-BUS or maemo-launcher fails to launch
   an application, or TN doesn't show an icon for the application,
   there's no information to the user why that happened.

There are couple of things that could be done:
- Better examples (python is not yet fully supported)
   and documentation
- Debugging facilities

	- Eero

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