[maemo-developers] Community widgets for Fremantle

From: ext-mox.soini at nokia.com ext-mox.soini at nokia.com
Date: Fri Oct 2 11:52:11 EEST 2009
Hi, couple of comments to the color pickers...


Having a pre-defined palette (and possibly a picker to choose different palettes) seems like the best way to tackle this.
Maybe just start with "Tango palette" (as proposed) and "user-defined". Then add more palettes later, maybe even via separate "palette" .deb packages.

For more advanced users, there could indeed be a "user-defined" palette for which you can choose colors yourself via "advanced" dialog.

The advanced dialog could be something like the screenshot12 above. However, I really think you should implement the scales as HSV, not RGB. The average user understands the Hue (color), Saturation (richness of color) and Valeur (light/dark) much better than how to produce those thing via RGB.

For RGB fans, there could be three input fields at the bottom of the advanced dialog (so that you actually get really exact colors fast, possibly via copy/paste), so that people could type in RGB values as integer (preferably not hex) if they wanted to. So:    R (___)  G (___)  B (___)


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