[maemo-developers] mafw-lastfm 0.0.1

From: Claudio Saavedra csaavedra at igalia.com
Date: Fri Oct 2 17:59:41 EEST 2009
[Since this is the initial release, I think it's OK to make a heads up
in this mailing, in case anyone else is interested in cooperating with
this project]

mafw-lastfm is a last.fm scrobbler for maemo devices using the Media
Application Framework, like the N900. This is its the initial release.
It basically works: it sets your playing-now status and it scrobbles.

For setup instructions, consult the README file.

where to get it




  Soon to appear in Fremantle's extras-devel

What's new?

- Initial release
- Set now-playing, and scrobble.
- Credentials stored in $HOME/.mafw-lastfm

Short log of this release

Claudio Saavedra (42):
      Initialize with daemon dummy template
      Print only the relevant data. Introduce helper function for string metadata.
      Remove unnecesary messages and extra code
      Add initial lastfm scrobbler implementation
      Parse the handshake response and store relevant session data
      Clean up compile warnings
      Add basic Makefile
      Add MafwLastfTrack structure for track handling
      Create instance of MafwLastfmScrobbler earlier and use as callback data
      Implement Now-Playing notification
      Make mafw_metadata_lookup_string allocate the string
      Add mafw_metadata_lookup_int()
      Send Now-Playing notification for currently played song on metadata-changed
      Add a GQueue for the tracks to be scrobbled
      Use an int64 for the tracks lenght as required by mafw
      Retrieve the missing metadata required for a scrobble
      Initial implementation of the scrobbling call
      Use the track length for the submission timeout
      Clean the submission queue on enqueue of each track
      Clean the queue before setting a new playing-now track
      Use the identifier provided by last.fm for scrobbling
      Load the last.fm credentials from a keyfile
      Add README and AUTHORS files
      Use autotools for building and packaging
      Add GPLv2 header to source files
      Add AM_MAINTAINER_MODE to configure.ac
      Rename on_timeout() to scrobble_timeout()
      Actually clean the tracks queue from the tail
      Add mafw_lastfm_scrobbler_set_credentials()
      Retry handshaking when connection fails
      Don't set playing-now status nor scrobble if handshake is needed
      Requeue tracks on scrobble submit failure and handshake again
      Improve submission logging messages
      Do not scrobble tracks without artist or title metadata
      Do not encode NULL strings or soup_uri_encode() will crash
      Remove irrelevant comments
      Factor the code to flush the scrobbling queue into a public method
      Flush the scrobbling queue when the renderer is stopped
      Remove already implemented features from README
      Update README
      Release 0.0.1
      Do not depend on a explicit mafw version

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