[maemo-developers] GtkCellRendererToggle on Fremantle

From: Graham Cobb g+770 at cobb.uk.net
Date: Mon Oct 5 02:02:55 EEST 2009
gpe-calendar contains GtkTreeView with a list of calendars that are being 
shown.  One column is rendered using a GtkCellRendererToggle: i.e. it shows a 
checkbox to allow the user to control whether the calendar should be shown.

In scratchbox this looks fine.  However, on the real device apparently the 
checkbox is just a black square, whether it is TRUE or FALSE.  It still 
reacts to clicks, and changes state, but the rendering doesn't change.  This 
means, of course, that the user cannot see whether the calendar is enabled or 

Is there any way to get this to be visible?  I realise that it is not finger 
friendly, but that is a separate issue.  I would be quite happy for this 
element to only be modifiable using the stylus.

If GtkCellRendererToggle is not supposed to be used on Fremantle, can anyone 
recommend an alternative?  From my reading about GtkCellRenderer I can't just 
use a HildonCheckButton as the renderer in the TreeViewColumn instead, can I?

I've said many times before: I'm not a GUI guy.  So any help is appreciated!

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