[maemo-developers] Color wheel mockup

From: Cornelius Hald hald at icandy.de
Date: Mon Oct 5 12:15:40 EEST 2009

first sorry for my late reply. It's a very important subject, but I'm
just too busy right now :(

I like this mockup even more then the color wheel mockup, because I
think it's easier to use. The lines that cross each other at the
selected color gives you good feedback even if your finger obscures half
of the widget.

Also I agree that there might be different use cases and that sometimes
it might be needed to select a color using a numeric value or using some
other form of selection, therefor I also like the idea of switching
selectors. But I think we should start small and get something out of
the door as soon as possible. Adding more selectors later is still

So we could use the palette selector from Thomas as page one and show
the selector you proposed as 'advanced' page. Or we could try to
integrate them a bit tighter.

How about this:
We put the labels for R,G,B and hex color directly into the color
preview. This saves some space and I think white text with black outline
should be readable on every color background. Then we join the palette
selection from Thomas with the selector ideas from you. So we have only
one button which lets us choose between different selectors or different
pallets (which are just a different form of selectors anyways).
Now we have a common frame on the right side and can display the specif
selectors/palettes on the right side.

I bastardized your svg file and hacked in my idea. It doens't look very
nice, but it should transport the idea.



On Thu, 2009-10-01 at 18:05 +0200, Felipe Erias Morandeira wrote:
> Hi
> A colorwheel would look nice, yes :-) The problem with using it in these
> devices is that it is not possible to perform fine adjustments directly,
> and that's why it must be complemented by a way to enter/modify numeric
> values. There is an interesting disjunctive between selecting a color
> quickly vs. doing it precisely.
> Looking at other applications (i.e. GIMP), one sees that there are
> several acceptable ways of selecting a color, and each one might be
> better than the others for certain use cases (or even for certain
> users!). So, I began to wonder if it would be possible to offer several
> color selectors, maybe through the use of stacked dialogs (horror!) or
> tabs (more horror!).
> At the end, I settled for more or less the solution represented in the
> mockup. There is one fixed area in the right side of the dialog with a
> button for selecting the selector (yeah!), the current color, its
> HTML-like representation and a "Done" button. The left area is used to
> display the different methods for selecting a color.
> Tap the selector and you get a set of possible ways for selecting a
> color, i.e.:
>   - GIMP-like (the one in the mockup)
>   - RGB
>   - CMYK
>   - colorwheel
>   - recent colors
>   - ...
> The interesting part is that changing the selector doesn't change the
> currently selected color, so if needed you can combine several
> strategies until you get the color that you want.
> Additionally, the selected method should be stored (i.e. in a GConf key)
> so when you open the color selector again you would be presented with
> the last selector that you used. The nice thing about this is that
> despite having several ways for selecting a color, if you find one that
> suits you well you will only have to set it once :-)
> Regards,
> Felipe
> Cornelius Hald wrote:
> > Hi Felipe,
> > 
> >> I have created a small mockup of a possible
> >> HildonExtrasColorChooserDialog. It uses a view in Edit mode (is that the
> >> correct term?) to be able to fit the colorwheel in the screen without
> >> making it too small. On the left, there is space for the six last used
> >> colors. On the right, the use can adjust the selected color in greater
> >> detail, even entering the HTML-equivalent code.
> >>
> >> I thought about adding a way to select the kind of values to be entered
> >> (RGB, CMYK, HSL...).
> >>
> >> What do you think?
> > 
> > thanks for joining the discussion and for providing the mockup :)
> > 
> > First, I like that you've not given up on the color wheel. I think it's
> > a nice way of selecting a color. The problems is, that it takes quite
> > some space, so the idea to use the complete window makes a sense here.
> > 
> > The problem is, that it seems a bit inconsistent with the rest because
> > most of the time simple dialogs are used. For me personally this is not
> > a big problem, but it might be for others.
> > 
> > I think the buttons on the left would not be needed as this dialog would
> > already be the "Advanced" view of the simple color chooser. If you
> > remove those and save some space on the right, maybe you could fit it
> > into a normal dialog?
> > 
> > It will probably get a bit difficult to find the right "Advanced"
> > dialog. But it's great that we already have choice :)
> > 
> > What do other think about this mockup?
> > Conny
> > 
> > 
> > 
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