[maemo-developers] Color wheel mockup

From: Thomas Perl th.perl at gmail.com
Date: Mon Oct 5 16:11:20 EEST 2009
2009/10/5 Cornelius Hald <hald at icandy.de>:
> On Mon, 2009-10-05 at 14:38 +0200, Thomas Perl wrote:
>> That doesn't seem like a real problem, as long as we make sure that we
>> get the "dialog button style" (the one with the blue outline) for our
>> buttons on the right.
> Exactly. If we can't use the action area, then we'll find another way. I
> don't see a big problem there.
> Is someone actually interested in implementing this? Or parts of it?

I'd be in for implementing the Tango color chooser part of it at least.
Should we define a "interface" for every view before proceeding or
is the "final" chooser going to have a pre-defined set of "views" (e.g.
some color palettes like "Tango" and the GIMP chooser).

Also, I have been thinking of implementing relevant parts of the code
in Vala (and then either compiling the vala code to C source code for
the library or build-depending on Vala, if this is okay with you) - makes
it easier to write code more quickly and avoids some mistakes when
trying to write GObject code directly in C (at least that's my opinion ;).

This does not mean that we should the whole code in Vala, but as
Vala can compile directly into C code with support for proper GObjects,
it seems to be a nice way to do at least some parts of the library, right?

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