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Date: Mon Oct 5 17:45:35 EEST 2009
On Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 2:35 PM, Graham Cobb
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> On Monday 05 October 2009 14:11:20 Thomas Perl wrote:
> > Also, I have been thinking of implementing relevant parts of the code
> > in Vala (and then either compiling the vala code to C source code for
> > the library or build-depending on Vala, if this is okay with you) - makes
> > it easier to write code more quickly and avoids some mistakes when
> > trying to write GObject code directly in C (at least that's my opinion
> ;).
> I am not keen.  I have not seen any Vala autogenerated C code so feel free
> to
> correct any wrong assumptions but I really would like to get the widget
> into
> Hildon, which means it will have to conform to Hildon coding guidelines.
> Also, I would like to be able to port the code to other platforms
> (including
> earlier versions of Maemo) which may not have Vala available or in other
> projects where Vala code is not allowed.  I assume that porting is going to
> be easier if we are not trying to port auto-generated C code.
> > This does not mean that we should the whole code in Vala, but as
> > Vala can compile directly into C code with support for proper GObjects,
> > it seems to be a nice way to do at least some parts of the library,
> right?
> Our first priority is to get an implementation of the widget available and
> if
> you are volunteering to do it, but only in Vala, I would certainly not want
> to stop you!  However, I would prefer to see that limited to prototyping
> and
> for someone to re-implement any Vala code in C, written in conformance with
> Hildon requirements and intended to be maintained in C.
> I would not want HildonExtras to be less portable than Hildon itself.
>  Unless
> Vala is already a dependency for building Hildon I would prefer it not to
> be
> a dependency for building HildonExtras.


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