[maemo-developers] Maemo Summit /opt BOF notes...

From: Tim Samoff samoff at gmail.com
Date: Sun Oct 11 14:44:06 EEST 2009

Using /opt: Why, How & For How Long?

What are the issues?

• Standards.
◦ What about introducing a new 'mobile' Linux standard.
• Repackaging.
• Differences in flash performance.

How to use /opt correctly:

• Every Linux system has /opt, and using it has been a long-time debate.
• Directly from upstream.
• /opt must be made seamless for developers.
• How to deal with hard-coded paths?
• Is /opt a temporary "fix"?
◦ Are there any other long-term solutions?
∙ What is Nokia's choice?
∙ What about using fast flash for swap and apps on slow?
• Some packages should not get better flash.
• Whatever the solution, using it should not be decided by the developer.

How to get space for your package:

• /opt should be a short-term solution.
• Issues
◦ /opt survives reflash (same with /home).
◦ Heuristic is heuristic.
◦ Symlinks are necessary.
• Ideas
◦ Magic should be on the device.
◦ Magic should not be contained in Debian rules.
◦ Call Magic in build-bot after Debian rules.
∙ Optionally.
• First option, but later opt_out.
◦ Must introduce efficient maintenance of the Magic.
◦ Call Magic in dpkg for build package?
◦ Call Magic in maemo-build package?
◦ Profiling.
• Next SSU must clean entire /opt directory.
◦ Fix dpkg, if needed.
◦ Hook for Magic from Extras?
∙ Idea might not be entirely embraced by some people at Nokia.
• Clear documentation is necessary.
◦ On maemo.org wiki?


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