[maemo-developers] Getting package with lower version into extras-testing

From: Cornelius Hald hald at icandy.de
Date: Mon Oct 12 22:27:45 EEST 2009

I think I could need some more packaging/autobuilder help. There is the
following situation:

Conboy 0.5.4         in extras
Conboy 0.5.5         in extras-testing
Conboy 0.6.0-alpha9  in extras-devel

Now I have an update to the stable version with the version number
0.5.6. The extras autobuilder rejects this package because there is
already a package with a higher version number in extras-devel.

On the summit someone was giving me the tip that I could prepend '1:' to
the version number. That way the autobuilder would think it's newer, but
the version number which is shown would remain the same.

So I changed the version number of my stable update to 1:0.5.6. Now the
autobuilder did accept and build it. And it is available in
extras-devel. The problem now seems to be that the web frontend for the
promotion to extras-testing does it's own version number comparison. It
still thinks that 0.6.0-alpha9 is the most recent version. So I cannot
promote 1:0.5.6 to extras-testing.

How can I get version 0.5.6 into extras-testing? Shouldn't it just be
possible to uploaded files with lower version number as long as the
particular number does not yet exist?

Some help would really be nice :)


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