[maemo-developers] Getting package with lower version into extras-testing

From: Graham Cobb g+770 at cobb.uk.net
Date: Tue Oct 13 15:52:33 EEST 2009
On Tuesday 13 October 2009 13:21:25 Tim Teulings wrote:
> I would suggest to give "next stable version but currenttly still buggy" a
> special new package name like myapp-unstable or myapp6 (where 5 is the
> current version) (and keep this version in extras-devel). This was already
> suggested and sound much cleaner.

Good suggestion.  Keep the currently stable version as "conboy".  If you want 
testers to have access to a new version, call it "conboy-unstable" (or 
conboy-testing or something).  Both would be in extras-devel but 
only "conboy" would be in extras-testing and extras.

Once you are happy that the unstable version is stable enough to be released 
to ordinary users, repackage it as "conboy" 0.6 (and make it replace 
conboy-testing 0.6).

So conboy-unstable never makes it out of extras-devel.

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