[maemo-developers] Maemo Summit /opt BOF notes...

From: Tim Teulings rael at edge.ping.de
Date: Tue Oct 13 20:52:34 EEST 2009

>> Just a side note, since it was multiple times mentioned in the BOF that
>> Bounce Evolution is already optified. On my device deinstalling Bounce
>> freed around 50 MB on "/". For me this is a strong hint that Bounce is
>> either not optified or that installing it on the device did not what was
>> expected to happen.
> Hmm, `du -h' says /opt/bounce takes up 21.7M on my N900.
>     Maemo version: 1.2009-41.10
>   Bounce version: 1.0.0
> There's nothing but icons, .service and .desktop files installed outside of /opt according to /var/lib/dpkg/info/bounce.list.

Right. Reinstalling the application did not reproduce the effect. My "/"
however was closed to ful, the number of applications installed did not
match the fullness of "7" and deinstalling bounce did increase the space
by 50MB. Also I sure that there is no other single application I could
have deinstalled to get that much free space (and I have not installed
and einstalled that much applications anyway). Strange, very strange...

OK, I correct my self until someone else with full "/" and bounce
installed can reproduce it (and makes further analysis before
deinstallation ;-)).


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