[maemo-developers] Maemo 5 Keymaps - The Saga of Pipe & Tab

From: Joaquim Rocha jrocha at igalia.com
Date: Wed Oct 14 23:37:10 EEST 2009
Hi Ryan,

What hardware keyboard layout are you using at the moment? You can check
this by going to the Settings->Text Input.

You should be able to input extra characters by pressing Fn and then the
Sym/Ctrl key. A dialog with extra characters pops up and all you need to
do is tap on the desired one.

Could this end your saga? :)

Joaquim Rocha
Igalia · Free Software Engineering

Ryan Abel wrote:
> Many people are likely to complain that the N900's 3-row keyboard does  
> not contain enough keys to be usable. Notably missing are important  
> characters like tab and pipe.
> Now, there _should_ be a relatively straightforward way to fix this  
> with Xmodmap. But as xev wasn't properly setup to receive keypresses  
> when I first began this saga, I started out by trying to edit the  
> symbol files directly. Unfortunately this proved to have no noticeable  
> effect.
> So qwerty12 compiled a patched xev, I grabbed keycodes and I spent a  
> couple hours trying to convince the device that it'd be a really great  
> idea for shift-fn-b to send a pipe, for fn-right arrow to send tab,  
> and a dozen other shifted and unshifted combinations.
> End result? Either no effect or outright dead keys.
> The grapevine tells me that khertan may have had some luck getting  
> things to behave, has anybody else been able to,  too? If so, can you  
> enlighten us with your secrets? We have nearly 30 additional  
> characters available with shift-fn and another 6 that have no fn  
> character. It would be great to bind these to some useful purpose.
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