[maemo-developers] Cmake + Armel + Fremantle = Segfault [Solution]

From: Nathan Anderson nathan at andersonsplace.net
Date: Fri Oct 16 19:19:12 EEST 2009

	Cmake 2.6.3-2maemo4+0m5 does appear to be working in the Armel
target!  Thanks!  I assume that in the package if I put depends on 2.6.3 it
will auto-pull this version in the buildbots?


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On Thu, October 15, 2009 22:56, Marijn Kruisselbrink wrote:

> I was told by some nokia person that the recently released SDK would 
> indeed contain cmake, but it appears this didn't happen... I'll check 
> what's going on here...

I've been informed that cmake has been added to the SDK repository.


> Marijn

Niels Breet
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