[maemo-developers] Extras-Testing and Bug Reports

From: Fred Lefévère-Laoide Fred at Lefevere-Laoide.net
Date: Sat Oct 17 10:55:13 EEST 2009

It looks like more N900 in the wild starts to translate into more
people testing apps ...

I see a few new (minor) bugs but no vote ...

Is there a "rule" about testing translating into vote ?

I don't see any rule against it in the extras-testing wiki page

If I listen to people submitting bugs (and I do !), I release a new
minor version and the voting starts from nil again ...

I know that extras promotion is of no great importance since there is
no device available to the public but I suppose that the "tester"
population won't increase hugely now ... or will it ?

What do you think ?

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