[maemo-developers] Optifing - Clarification Requested

From: Nathan Anderson nathan at andersonsplace.net
Date: Sun Oct 18 18:43:26 EEST 2009
    Ok, you are correct -- I went into the Extras-Devel and you are correct
ICU 4.0 is on their -- I'm not sure why I missed it the first time.   Is
their anyway we can figure out who uploaded it; as 4.21 is what is current
-- I don't want to step on others toes by uploading things that they are
maintaining.   I pulled down the 4.0 package but the changelog had only the
original debian maintainer instead of the person who maemofied it. ;-)
    As a small "aside" for Optifing things; is this a potential hole -- can
they get through "testing" if something else auto-promotes it, afaik.   So
If I drop a small app that relies on icu, and it gets promoted then its
dependancies will be auto-promoted?  Am I correct?
    As for my original question; it isn't answered -- I've read emails
saying somethings with python should not be optified. I'm trying to
understand what can be and what can't be.  And how to I triggue the


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There is libicu in extras-devel already, but it is not optified. libicu is
around 16MB+, so it better be. It won't get through testing with that size. 


On Sun, Oct 18, 2009 at 1:56 PM, Nathan Anderson <nathan at andersonsplace.net>

Ok, I believe I have read all the messages; the talk thread and the wiki;
and I'm still a bit confused because of python issues.

I will be pushing several libraries that are in the end depended upon by a
custom swig generated python binding that a python app will be using.


Lib-Sword -> (depends on)
 lib-Curl (Already on device I believe)

Now I will be generating a python binding to the Sword library and it
generates a "_Sword.so" which the python app will use to handle everything.

Now for Optifing question:
1. can I optify Clucene, & ICU?
2. can I optify the main libsword?
3. do I optify the _Sword.so?

And what exactly do I need to do to set these as being or not being

I have everything running fine on the SDK.  Basically I need to know the
packaging requirement to put them into Extras-testing.


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