[maemo-developers] lost in extras-testing as a donkey in the mist

From: Attila Csipa maemo at csipa.in.rs
Date: Tue Oct 20 02:02:43 EEST 2009
Thanks to Conny for forwarding this to me, apparently a spam filter somewhere 
got overzealous.

> > ons_explicit_armel/libspeex1/1.2~rc1-1maemo7+0m5/ ). So who is depending
> > on what here and who is supposed to provide/promote what ?
> Oops, this was a configuration mistake on my part. I didn't setup the
> links between the repositories for nokia-applications and device root
> filesystem.
> It should look a lot better for you now?

Yes, a-ok now, my faith in my ability to grasp how this should work is now 
restored :)

> I would really like someone else to take up organizing the human part, so
> I can concentrate on the technical implementation of this all. There are
> only so many hours in a day :)

One more question about that tech part - is it possible to retire versions 
from reviewing ? I'm not talking about removing the packages from the repos 
but about people commenting/voting on old versions of packages (I'm getting 
comments on my 1.0-1 version even though I have already promoted a newer one 
to testing, so it's a bit confusing as to are these people really 
testing/commenting the old version, clicked on the wrong link or something 


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