[maemo-developers] Optification of dev libraries

From: Nathan Anderson nathan at andersonsplace.net
Date: Tue Oct 20 18:48:42 EEST 2009

	Well, I agree dev packages are not really the target of a device.
And as a dev I would probably feel comfortable moving things around (if they
wanted to).   I just noticed that about 75% of the .h files were optified
and the rest weren't, and wanted to bring it up.  Not really a huge issue.
As a policy I've been optifing all the files it creates.  Dev files actually
would be a good canidate imho for the /opt folder since they aren't accesses
often and can be large.

	Adding some more command line options might be useful.


ext Nathan Anderson <nathan at andersonsplace.net> writes:

> 	I noticed when I ran optification of a dev library is optified about

> 75% of the c/c++ .h files.  I would think for consistancy sake maybe 
> we should either optify all of them or none of them.

Hmm, I think -dev libraries are not the primary target of optification right
now.  Would it be acceptable to have 'official' instructions (or a
script) for moving all of /usr to the eMMC?  I think this is preferable to
using optified packages and people who want to develop on the device are
probably willing and able to follow those instructions.

> Yes, No?

But if we optify a -dev package, we should probably tune the heuristic.
Many -dev packages install into /usr/include/<name>/ where <name> is close
to but not exactly the same as the package name.  Right now, maemo-optify
only moves whole directories if they are named exactly like the package.  We
could improve this heuristic carefully, or add some command line options or
a control file for maemo-optify.

I think the latter would be more useful.

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