[maemo-developers] Promotion unlocked messages

From: Anderson Lizardo anderson.lizardo at openbossa.org
Date: Wed Oct 21 15:39:07 EEST 2009
Hi Niels,

On Wed, Oct 21, 2009 at 8:21 AM, Niels Breet <niels at maemo.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> While implementing a new notification feature for the community QA queue,
> a number of mails have been sent out to owners of packages in
> extras-testing.

I received a couple of these e-mails (although all of them are
packages I help maintaining for the PyMaemo project). I have a couple
of questions about it:

* do we have to take some action after we receive this e-mail?
* On the e-mail it says the package is "unlocked for promotion in
extras-testing". What does that mean specifically? That the package
can be promoted to extras?
* What about packages that are automatically promoted to
extras-testing because they are dependencies of other promoted package
(as is with most PyMaemo packages)? Do we (the PyMaemo team) have to
promote these packages ourselves or simply wait for some application
using them to be promoted?

Thanks in advance,
Anderson Lizardo
OpenBossa Labs - INdT
Manaus - Brazil
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