[maemo-developers] Fremantle fullscreen mode [was Re: Call for testers with N900 for vncviewer]

From: Henrik Hedberg henrik.hedberg at innologies.fi
Date: Wed Oct 21 16:50:49 EEST 2009
Cornelius Hald wrote:

 > I don´t think there is already a widely used keyboard shortcut.

    The full screen toggling should be done with the touch screen, yes.

    However, there are some shortcuts in the keyboard (of which I found 
by accident):

CTRL-Backspace = Open the task switcher (can be used to somehow replace 
the full screen button)

CTRL-Shift-X = Open a new terminal (which is very handy if the 
hildon-desktop has jammed ;)

CTRL-Shift-P = Take a screenshot (which is saved in 



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