[maemo-developers] Considering /opt and MyDocs in your packages

From: Martin Grimme martin.grimme at gmail.com
Date: Wed Oct 21 23:43:55 EEST 2009

in my opinion, maemo-optify shouldn't be hailed as the
good-for-everyone savior to the rootfs space issue. I see it as a
workaround for software that cannot be easily relocated to /opt.

Optification symlinks take space on the rootfs too, so if you have a
lot of them, you still waste several megabytes.

Optification breaks package upgrading.

File opening operations take longer as the system has to resolve a
symlink first.

Please don't get me wrong. optify is still useful and good to have,
but everybody should bear in mind that it's only a workaround, and
that relocating the software to /opt would be a much safer and more
elegant solution.
IMHO optify is OK for porting software from upstream, but if you write
specifically for the N900, you should rather consider making your
software easily relocatable eventually.

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