[maemo-developers] SyncEvolution in Fremantle

From: Yves-Alexis Perez corsac at debian.org
Date: Thu Oct 22 12:22:58 EEST 2009
Patrick Ohly a écrit :
> Hello Maemo!
> It has been a while that I posted anything here. Ironically, since I
> started working on SyncEvolution full-time beginning of this year, I
> seem to have *less* time left compared to the previous years when I did
> it in my spare time ;-)
> For those who haven't heard about it:
>       * SyncEvolution is a SyncML client synchronizing PIM data with
>         SyncML servers [1]. The versions <= 0.8.1 are available for
>         Maemo [2] and work with the builtin address book and the Dates
>         calendar.
>       * This year it became the sync solution in Moblin and switched to
>         the Synthesis SyncML engine [3], with the goal of using that
>         also as SyncML server on a desktop [4].
>       * We have direct client to server synchronization working in the
>         development branch, without depending on closed third party
>         software [5].
> I'd love to see the latest SyncEvolution releases packaged properly for
> Maemo, and so do users [6]. 0.8.1 still works fine on the older Maemo
> releases it is available for, but 0.9 has several relevant improvements,
> for example synchronization with Google Contacts and a GTK GUI.
> I'm posting here because I hope that an interested developer or
> maintainer will step up and take over packaging for Maemo. You can be
> sure that this will have full support when it comes to merging patches
> and including the Maemo port as first-class citizen in releases.
Eh, funny, I just posted yet another thread on talk

The syncevolution and libsynthesis packages have recently been uploaded
to Debian (I sponsored them) and I would really be interested to be able
to use them on both laptop and n900 (when I have one). So yeah, at one
point I may give a hand for that to happen.

Does the to-be-release 0.9.1 will do the direct sync without third party
syncML servers?


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