[maemo-developers] Announcement: mafw-gst-eq-renderer initial version

From: Juan A. Suarez Romero jasuarez at igalia.com
Date: Thu Oct 22 14:35:19 EEST 2009
Hi maemoers!

After reading some complaints about lack of an equalizer in N900, I've
written a replacement for mafw-gst-renderer called mafw-gst-eq-renderer.
It is not part of official MAFW.

Roughly speaking, it is mafw-gst-renderer with a gstreamer's 10-band

There are two flavours: one intended to replace current
mafw-gst-renderer, and another one intended to coexist with the original

If you choose the second flavour, default mediaplayer will not be able
to use it, as it only handles one renderer: mafw-gst-renderer.

Both flavours come with a Control Panel applet that allows to set
equalizer values, and with a set of typical presets (though you can save
your own presets).

More information here:


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